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PHP developer, working mostly with Symfony
Technical expert at Emakina.be for PHP technologies

Curious developer. PHP evangelist. Symfony2 fan.
Best practices guru. Team player. Open source enthusiast.

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Quality focused small posts about PHP projects (Symfony, Drupal) and web development best practices in general.

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The name comes from a Lakota word : čhuwí. It is defined as the upper back of the body.
Shuwee is aimed to manage website data in a KISS way.

Stupidly simple !

A simple UI helps users focus on tasks they need to accomplish. That's why Shuwee focus only on the most common tasks.

Simplicity leads to efficiency.

Onboarding screen

What's in the box ?


CRUD operations, datagrid, backend authors permissions management, to the point design...


Form widgets (Help text, markdown editor,...), Clean and light UI, Responsive design, Open Source, brandable...

Comprehensive forms

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Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.

Isaac Newton